What to Expect

What To Expect

We are situated in Suite 114 Mediclinic Constantiaberg in the East Suites and also in Room 303 at Life Kingsbury Hospital, both in the Southern Suburbs.

Parking spots are available at both hospitals and please provide us with your parking ticket at the end of your consultation to have it cleared.

You will be received by a friendly welcome and will need to complete the necessary forms if you haven’t completed them on the site, click here to download them. Please feel free to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have.

After Your Consult

Payment of the account remains your personal responsibility and must be settled with the practice, after which you may approach your medical aid for reimbursement. We have a card machine available at reception that accepts all card types, we also accept cash and EFT payments. You will be provided with a receipt after payment which can be used to claim back costs from your medical aid. Emergency or after hours consultations will be liable to an additional fee.

If Surgery Is Planned

We will provide you with a letter detailing the relevant codes of the planned procedure along with additional information pertaining to the surgery. We kindly ask that you contact your medical aid for authorization for the procedure. All information regarding the day of surgery will be provided to you and can be read through at your leisure before the day of your operation.

Should there be a difference between our practice rate and your medical aid rate, many patients will make use of what is known as ‘gap’ cover to top up on their insured amount.

After your discharge from the hospital, you will be given a date to follow up at the consulting rooms. All follow up visits for 1 month after your surgery is included in the initial surgical costs and you will not be billed for this.